Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistants…


We source great Virtual Assistants to support you in YOUR business. We can help you increase productivity while you can focus on value-added work.

Your Virtual Assistants can take things off your plate like invoicing, cleaning databases, social media marketing, appointment bookings, and contacting clients and leads.
They can also do things you may not have the skills to do, such as video editing, SEO, website updates, sales funnel creation, and copywriting. 

We can help you find a Virtual Assistant with the right qualification, skill set, and personality to suit your business.

Virtual Assistant can improve work quality by handling non essential tasks while you can focus on more high value-added work.

Productivity is increased as Virtual Assistant always focus on meeting deadlines and achieving client satisfaction.

In addition, a Virtual Assistant can help reduce labour costs as the company does not need to hire a full-time employee.

See below for a few ideas on what you can get help with…



* Social media posting & Commenting (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter)
* Sending you leads from social media
* LinkedIn strategy
* Doing designs in Canva to use on social media
* Connecting to your target market on LinkedIn
* Sending messages to your target market on LinkedIn and monitoring replies to alert you of leads
* Website design
* Website development
* Public Relations
* Writing blogs



* Cold calling
* Warm calling
* Doing proposals
* Following up after proposals are set
* Answering queries on LinkedIn or Facebook
* Creating and sending quotes
* Updating leads lists



* Setting up templates
* Acknowledging emails
* Appointment setting
* Appointment changing
* Making documents and PowerPoint slides look good
* Creating templates
* Cleaning up databases